Tool Accessibility

Review tool accessibility statements and learn how to identify accessible tools

Checking Tool Accessibility 

Mt. SAC's administrative procedure  AP 6365 Accessibility of Information Technology details the requirement to consider a tool's accessibility when it is purchased for use at Mt. SAC. Learn about the accessibility compliance and features of tools and software used at Mt. SAC and, if you are in a role to review and purchase tools or software, how to review them for compliance. 

Compliance with accessibility standards is essential for creating an inclusive digital environment that promotes equal access to information and services for all users. Review the accessibility of common tools and software at Mt. SAC for compliance with accessibility guidelines and standards as explained in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Need help understanding the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) document? This resource from the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials can help you interpret a VPAT statement

Learning Management System (LMS)

Publishers & Third-party Websites


How to Procure Accessible Software

If you select third-party software or tools that will be used by employees or students, here are some guidelines for determining if the software meets  Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 accessibility standards.

  1. As the vendor to provide a voluntary product accessibility template (VPAT) document or accessibility statement.
  2. Don't just accept a blanket statement that a product is fully accessible: ask the vendor to explain how their products meet accessibility standards. This includes how it works for those who cannot see, hear, and those who navigate solely using a keyboard.
  3. Have the vendor complete the Mt. SAC Procurement Checklist.
  4. Consider two or there products that meet your needs and purchase the one that is most accessible.

Consider tips from the CCC Accessibility Center and use their Accessibility Office Hours to ask specific questions related to your search. Contact Mt. SAC ACCESS department. These experts in accessibility can assist with questions and help to answer questions about accessibility and how accommodations can be met.