The Admissions and Records Office has all the information you need to apply, enroll and register for classes.

Important Key Dates

    • Spring 2024
      Date Event/Activity
      February 9 Drop for Non-Payment for Spring 2024
      February 16 Lincoln's Birthday (Campus Closed)
      February 19 President's Day (Campus Closed)
      February 25 Residency Determination Date for Spring 2024
      February 26 Spring 2024 Semester Begins
      March 8 Last Day to Change Residency Status for Spring 2024
      April 1 Cesar Chavez Day (Campus Closed) 
      May 3 Deadline to Petition for Spring 2024 Graduation
      May 27 Memorial Day (Campus Closed)
      June 16 Spring 2024 Semester Ends
    • Summer 2024
      Date Event/Activity
      June 7 Drop for Non-Payment for Summer 2024
      June 14 Deadline to Petition for Summer 2024 Graduation
      June 19 Residency Determination Date for Summer 2024
      June 19 Juneteenth (Campus Closed)
      June 20 Summer 2024 Session Begins
      June 27 Last Day to Change Residency Status for Summer 2024
      July 4 Independence Day (Campus Closed)
      August 1 Summer 2024 Session Ends
    • Fall 2024
      Date Event/Activity
      August 9 Drop for Non-Payment for Fall 2024
      August 25 Residency Determination Date for Fall 2024
      August 26 Fall 2024 Semester Begins
      September 2 Labor Day (Campus Closed) 
      September 6 Last Day to Change Residency Status for Fall 2024
      October 25 Deadline to Petition for Fall 2024 Graduation
      November 11 Veteran's Day (Campus Closed)
      November 28 & 29 Thanksgiving Holiday (Campus Closed)
      December 15 Fall 2024 Semester Ends
    • Winter 2025
      Date Event/Activity
      December 16, 2024 Deadline to Petition for Winter 2025 Graduation
      December 23, 2024-January 1, 2025 Winter Recess (Campus Closed)
      December 27, 2024 Drop for Non-Payment for Winter 2025
      January 5 Residency Determination Date for Winter 2025
      January 6 Winter 2025 Session Begins
      January 10 Last Day to Change Residency Status for Winter 2025
      January 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Campus Closed)
      February 14 Lincoln's Birthday (Campus Closed)
      February 16 Winter 2025 Session Ends
A student logs on to a computer.

Steps to Apply and Enroll

The application and registration process differs depending on what type of student you are. You can learn about what your next steps are in this section.

A student using a computer.

Registering for Classes

If you plan to take college credit classes, this section shows you how to find classes and then register for them. 

A student paying for college supplies.

Paying for Classes

Fees are due when you register for your classes. Learn how for pay your fees in this section.

Students filling out forms.

Admissions Forms and Publications

Download and read about many of the forms needed for admissions, registration, and graduation in this section.

A student at graduation.

Records and Graduation

The Admissions and Records Office also handles student records and graduation information.

For more information, contact the Admissions and Records Office at (909) 274-4415 or email