Priority Registration Information

To ensure you get the best possible registration time, it's important to complete all of the Steps to Apply and Enroll, including taking your assessment tests, attending orientation, and meeting with a counselor. To learn more about the registration process, visit our Registering for Classes page

Mt. San Antonio College's priority registration was created to help students complete their educational goals within a reasonable time frame. Mt. SAC is required by the State of California (Title 5, Section 58108) to establish a system of providing an equal and fair chance for all students to register for the classes they need throughout their college career. You can read the entire priority registration process here.

Through this system, priority is given to groups of students as defined by categories. Students who fall in the same category are prioritized and randomly assigned to appointment dates and times. Because of this random assignment, it is possible that two students with the same number of units completed can be assigned priority dates that may be days apart. Mt. SAC is not in the practice of changing or swapping priority dates.

Students are not allowed to register before their assigned date and time (which can be found in your My Mt. SAC Portal). If you have a question about your assigned registration date and time, call (909) 274-4415.