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Reading is inquiring about, constructing, and evaluating one's own understanding of texts and real world issues. It is a natural, strategic process of interaction between readers, their context and text. Literate reading requires developing skills and strategies in reading. Strategic reading is dynamic and evolves through ongoing dialogue and experimentation. It is developmental in nature and varies with each reader and situation.

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Instructional Philosophy:

  • Instructors trust students to make self-discoveries.
  • Instructors create an environment that encourages students to value reading.
  • Strategy, not skills or rhetorical modes, define what students need.
  • Students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning.
  • Students have the autonomy to create their own strategic approaches.

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READ 90 -Reading College Texts

3 Units (Degree Applicable)
May be taken for option of letter grade or Pass/No Pass
Prerequisite: READ 80 or  appropriate placement on assessment measure.

Effective college textbook reading with an emphasis on vocabulary and cross disciplinary textbook analysis and comprehension.

READ 100 - Analysis and Critical Reading

3 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU)
Prerequisite: READ 90 or  appropriate placement on assessment measure.

Critical reading course focusing on the effective use of critical thinking in a cross-disciplinary framework. Emphasis on the development of critical reading skills of interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of a variety of academic texts across disciplines.