Completion Center

Completion Center

Visit the Completion Center for graduation application support, counseling appointments, workshops and more!

About the Center:

The purpose of the Completion Center is to increase the number of Mt. SAC students who complete their program of study in a timely and efficient manner. We offer personalized counseling appointments, workshops, milestone events, and much more!

The Completion Center will help Mt.SAC students prepare to graduate by guiding and supporting them with completing their program of study. 

    • peopleWhat We Do

      The Completion Center helps students:  

      • Identify a program of study
      • Graduation application process 
      • Completion related workshops offered by dedicated completion specialists 
      • Milestone Recognition ceremonies
      • Early Alert interventions, as needed
      • Appropriate referrals to resources 
    • gearHow We Do it

      The Completion Center supports academic success by offering:

      • Individualized counseling appointments with dedicated completion counselors who are focused on guiding Mt. Sac students to completion 
      • Graduation application assistance and support, by dedicated completion specialits, either individually or in groups
      • Other completion related workshops offered by dedicated completion specialists 
      • English and MAth Milestone Recognistion ceremonies
      • Early Alert interventions, as needed
      • Built in follow up processes by a dedicated success team made up of completion counselors and completion specialists designed to move Mt. Sac students to completion
      • Appropriate referrals to resources 
    • gearSteps to Completion
      • Choose your program of study (major) 
      • Work with you counselor to develop your education plan
      • Take your classes by following your education plan to complete you program requirements 
      • Apply to graduate
      • Attend commencement (graduation ceremony) to celebrate your success
Contact Us

8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Building 327 (north of the Mountie Cafe)
(909) 274-5187

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Completion Center Staff
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Maria Wood Administrative Specialist
Kaylynn Lare Completion Specialist
Raul Cabral Completion Specialist