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Administrators Name Profile
Francisco Dorame Photo

Dr. Francisco Dorame
Dean, Counseling

Dr. Francisco Dorame's profile
Lina Soto Photo

Lina Soto
Associate Dean, Counseling

 Lina Soto's Profile

Department Chair

Bernie Somers Photo Dr. Bernie Somers, Professor of Counseling
Bernie Somer's profile


  Counselor's Name Profile
Alana Bachor Photo Alana Bachor, Professor of Counseling Alana Bachor's profile
Anabel Perez Photo Dr. Anabel Perez, Professor of Counseling
(Bridge Program)
Anabel Perez's profile
Angel Lujan Photo Angel Lujan, Professor of Counseling Angel Lujan's profile
Antoine Thomas Dr. Antoine Thomas, Professor of Counseling Antoine Thomas's profile
Bernadette Flameno Photo Bernadette Flameno, Professor of Counseling Bernadette Flameno's profile
Chan Ton Photo Dr. Chan Ton, Professor of Counseling Chan Ton's profile
Daisy Basurto Photo Daisy Basurto, Professor of Counseling Daisy Basurto's profile
Diana Felix Photo Diana Felix, Generalist (A.C.E.S.)
(Achieving in College, Ensuring Success)
Diana Felix's profile
Eddie Lee Photo Dr. Eddie Lee, Professor of Counseling Eddie Lee's profile
Elmer Rodriguez Elmer Rodriguez, Professor of Counseling Elmer Rodriguez's profile
Emily Versace Photo Emily Versace, Professor of Counseling Emily Versace's profile
Jamaika Fowler Photo Jamaika Fowler, Professor of Counseling
(Articulation Officer)
Jamaika Fowler's profile
Jason Hayward Photo Jason Hayward, Professor of Counseling Jason Hayward's profile
Jeremy Hart Photo Dr. Jeremy Hart, Professor of Counseling Jeremy Hart's profile
Jesse Lopez Photo Jesse Lopez, Professor of Counseling Jesse Lopez's profile
Jessica Valdez Photo Jessica Valdez, Professor of Counseling (Athletics) Jessica Valdez's profile
Julie Perez Garcia Photo Dr. Julie Perez- Garcia, Professor of Counseling Julie Perez-Garcia's profile
Lyssette Trejo Photo Lyssette Trejo, Professor of Counseling 
(Bridge Program)
Lyssette Trejo's profile
Mary Beth Barrios Photo Mary Beth Barrios, Professor of Counseling Mary Beth Barrios' profile
Patricia Maestro Photo Patricia Maestro, Professor of Counseling Patricia Maestro's profile
Counselor Rudy Santacruz Rudy Santacruz, Professor of Counseling Rudy Santacruz's profile
Sam Nassar Photo Sam Nassar, Professor of Counseling (International) Sam Nassar's profile
Sara Mestas Photo Dr. Sara Mestas, Professor of Counseling Sara Mestas's profile
Shane Poulter Photo Shane Poulter, Professor of Counseling (Athletics) Shane Poulter's profile
Silver Calzada Photo

Silver Calzada, Professor of Counseling 
(2019-2020 Dept. Chair)

Silver Calzada's profile
Stacie Nakamatsu Photo Stacie Nakamatsu, Professor of Counseling Stacie Nakamatsu's profile
Stanley Mbuthi Photo Stanley Mbuthi, Professor of Counseling Stanley Mbuthi's profile
                             Traci Ebue Traci Ebue, Professor of Counseling Traci Ebue's profile
Will Daland Photo Will Daland, Professor of Counseling Will Daland's profile

Administrative Support Staff

Administrative Support Staff Name Profile
Allen Nguyen Photo Allen Nguyen
Administrative Specialist III
Allen Nguyen's profile
Caron Gomes Photo Caron Gomes
System Analyst Programmer
Caron Gomes's profile
Amanda James Photo Amanda James
Administrative Specialist IV
Assistant to Dean, Dr. Francisco Dorame
Amanda James's profile
Kaylynn Lare Kaylynn Lare
Program Specialist II
Completion Center
Kaylynn Lare's profile
Maria Figueroa Photo Maria Figueroa
Administrative Specialist II
Maria Figueroa's profile
Maria Wood Photo Maria Wood
Administrative Specialist III
Maria Wood's profile
Ray Dashiell Photo Raymone Dashiell
Program Specialist I 
Special Admit 
Raymone Dashiell's profile
Shirley Huynh Photo Shirley Huynh 
Administrative Specialist II 
Shirley Huynh's profile
Stacy Lee Stacy Lee
Program Specialist II
Stacy Lee's profile