Evacuation of Special Populations

Mt. SAC employees who are mobility-impaired should let the Building Manager and the Building Marshal know the location of their usual work area and special needs.

Whenever possible, mobility-impaired individuals should arrange in  advance with their co-workers, instructors, or other students for their assistance in the event of an evacuation or other emergency. The Building Marshal may facilitate development  of a "buddy system" in support of special evacuation needs within the building.

Mobility-impaired individuals should also be aware of exit routes, Rescue Assistance Areas, and the designated Emergency Assembly Areas (EAA) for the building. This information is available through the Building Marshal and is contained in the Building Evacuation Plan.

Those assisting mobility-impaired individuals should quickly determine the safest method to evacuate and ask what aid the individual needs.

For more detailed information on evacuation procedures for people with disabilities, refer to the college’s Emergency Response Plan.

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