Campus buildings must be evacuated immediately upon the sounding of a fire alarm signal or other pre-designated notification system.

Building Evacuation

Know where all the building exits are located.  Review the Mt. SAC Evacuation Procedures and Evacuation Assembly Site Map.

  • Stay calm. Do not rush or panic.
  • Safely stop your work
  • If it is safe to do so, gather your personal belongings and exit. If not, just leave.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Proceed to designated Evacuation Assembly Areas. Keep streets and walkways clear.
  • Report persons needing evacuation assistance to emergency responders.
  • Wait for instructions and additional information from emergency responders.

Campus-wide Evacuation

Remain calm and follow the directions provided by emergency messages and responders.  During life-threatening conditions (gunshots, fire, explosion, etc.), leave your vehicle on campus and travel to safety on foot.

  • In normal campus conditions, a full campus evacuation can take two hours or more. Patience is required.
  • Watch for cars, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles. Your safety and the safety of others is important.
  • Assist disabled and injured persons. Find emergency responders if assistance is needed.
  • Follow the instructions provided by emergency responders and go with the flow of exiting traffic. Be prepared to take alternative routes.

Disaster Service Workers should report to their departments for instructions.

Don't get left in the dark
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