Faculty Professional Development Council


The Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) serves as an Academic Senate Council for issues relating primarily to professional development for faculty. FPDC coordinates the faculty professional development activities on campus in alignment with the College priorities and mission.


  1. Review, develop, and recommend policies, procedures, and other matters related to faculty professional development.
  2. Collaborate with PDC to align FPDC goals with College goals and the Mt. SAC Professional Development Plan.
  3. Provide direction and support to the Faculty Learning Activities Committee (FLAC) in organizing and promoting faculty development programs and themes on campus.
  4. Provide analysis and recommendations regarding professional development resource needs such as faculty conference and travel.
  5. Provide direction and support to the FLEX Committee in collaboration with the Academic Senate Vice President.
  6. Assess and report on FLEX workshops and faculty professional development needs.
  7. Collaborate with and support the Mt. SAC community in faculty professional development efforts.
  8. Carry out tasks as delegated by Academic Senate.