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Master Plan Steering Task Force

Advisory Task Force – Reports to the President’s Advisory Council and Campus Master Plan Coordinating Team. The work of this task force concludes with the adoption by the Board of Trustees of the 2018 Educational and Facilities Master Plan.


Responsible for building consensus around a clearly defined strategy for the College’s future, directing the master planning process, and making recommendations to the Campus Master Plan Coordinating Team (CMPCT) and the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) on all aspects of the 2018 Educational and Facilities Master Plan (EFMP).


  1. To oversee the development of an integrated Educational and Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) where the Educational Master Plan (EMP) serves as the foundation for the Facilities Master Plan (FMP).
  2. To foster openness and inclusion in the master planning process through dialogue and communication with the College’s internal and external stakeholders.
  3. To guide the review and College-wide vetting of the Educational and Facilities Master Plans, including the impact on College goals and priorities, analysis of data, consideration of alternative planning concepts, and discussion of key findings and recommendations.
  4. To ensure that the master planning process is coordinated with other campus planning processes and is consistent with the established direction and focus of the College.
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Task Force Co-Chairs

  • Irene Malmgren
    Vice President, Instruction
  • Audrey Yamagata-Noji
    Vice President, Student Services
  • Martin Jones-Ramey
    Academic Senate President

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