Mt. SAC Campus

Outcomes Committee


The purpose of the Outcomes Committee is to provide leadership, tools, training, and support to create a campus culture where outcomes are understood and valued and where assessment functions as a resource leading to improved instruction, curricula, programs, and/or services.  The committee oversees outcomes assessment at the administrative unit, course, program, and institutional levels, and reports to the Academic Senate through the Curriculum and Instruction Council.


  1. To monitor, facilitate, and evaluate the process of assessing outcomes for courses, degrees, certificates, and services, including the progress and development of:
  • Institutional Level Outcomes (ILOs), Program Level Outcomes (PLOs), Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), and Administrative Unit Objectives (AUOs);
  • means of assessment and criteria for success;
  • summary of data collected from assessment efforts;
  • results for improvement.
  1. To monitor, facilitate, and evaluate the use of a mapping process for ILOs, PLOs, SLOs, and AUOs for courses, degrees, certificates, and direct and indirect support services.
  2. To recommend process improvements to the Academic Senate by evaluating the procedures and work completed by the College.
  3. To publicize improvements and progress made by departments, divisions, and teams.
  4. To initiate and implement professional development opportunities relevant to outcomes, with assistance from the Professional Development Council, as needed.
  5. To maintain currency of the College websites on outcomes assessment.

Want to learn more about outcomes assessment at Mt. SAC?  
The Outcomes Assessment Web Site provides links to helpful information, such as outcomes progress reports, presentation slides for past campus events, awards information, and funding resources.

What has the Outcomes Committee recently accomplished?
Learn about our current goals and recent accomplishments by reading our Committee Goal and Progress Report 2017-18.