Retention and Persistence  Committee

(Academic Senate Committee – Reports to Student Preparation, Equity, & Achievement Council)


The purpose of the Retention and Persistence Committee is to make equity-minded recommendations to campus stakeholders on the planning and coordination of programs, services, and interventions which support the entire student experience in terms of retention, persistence, and academic success throughout their Mt. SAC Education.


  1. Review data necessary to make informed decisions and recommendations to support student persistence and overall student success with an emphasis on equity and elimination of achievement gaps.
  2. Review current practices, policies, and procedures and make recommendations (with input from stakeholders) regarding support interventions, strategies, and services.
  3. Remain informed on the impact of programs to support retention and persistence, with an emphasis on analysis and reporting of gaps.
  4. Gather input from students and faculty involved in corequisite and other support interventions on student needs, and work to support the connections between instruction and support services.
  5. Encourage a campus culture of community, connection, belonging and engagement.
  6. Assist the college community in assessing the effectiveness of intervention programs, services, and pedagogical practices.