Textbook and Instructional Materials Committee

(Academic Senate Committee – Reports to Student Preparation, Equity, and Achievement Council)


The Textbook and Instructional Materials Committee (TIMC) serves as a standing committee of the Student Preparation, Equity, and Achievement Council (SPEAC). The purpose of the TIMC is to recommend and promote equitable practices involving the adoption of textbooks and instructional materials such as: issues related to standards set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (relating to accessibility), copyright compliance, Open Educational Resources (OER), affordability, and universal access. Mt. San Antonio College Academic Senate is committed to providing a high-quality learning experience that respects academic freedom, and that is available and accessible to our diverse student community.


  1. Recommend equitable practices and policy changes pertaining to affordability, accessibility, and copyright compliance related to textbooks and other instructional materials.
  2. Identify and make recommendations regarding opportunities for coordination and collaboration between divisions, departments, faculty, staff, and students (including the Library, Bookstore, Bookstore Commission), on copyright, OER, affordability, and universal access.
  3. Make recommendations regarding outreach and marketing to ensure that faculty, staff, and students are informed on textbook and instructional materials related policies and resources.
  4. Keep up on current trends and scholarship in OER adoption, textbook and instructional materials, affordability, availability, format, accessibility, and copyright compliance. Recommend POD training to educate College faculty and staff on ways to effectively implement and address related issues.
  5. Serve as an ongoing campus resource for faculty, staff, and students on other related topics and issues.
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