Posting Information & Communication

Through partnerships with IT, we can help the campus community post information to a number of places. Contact Cynthia Orr for more information.

icon of promotionElectronic Marquee Posting Form: This marquee is located at Grand and Valley. Please note we aim to post no more than six messages at a time. Your messages will be edited for consistency. Please double check your submission for accuracy. 

Master Calendar Submission: The master calendar is visible from the home page. Fill out the form to get your information included! Please double check your submission for accuracy.

Social Media Posting Request We have a large social media following online. Request posts with this form.  Please double check your submission for accuracy. To be added to the Social Media Directory, visit the social media directory page.

Portal Announcement:  Please use this form if you would like an announcement to be posted on the Portal. The posted information can be sent to Students, Faculty, and/or Staff. Please double check your submission for accuracy.

Campus Announce-C Email:  The campus community may send mass emails to employees via the Announce-C listserv. These messages must have campus-wide appeal, directly related to the department's efforts and be targeted toward employees. These emails can be sent through Executive Assistants in Vice President's Offices. Those that are sent directly to the listserv are generally moderated by the Marketing Office. Student messages are sent via the Portal Announcement noted above.

Web Request / Campus Map: Please use this link if you need assistance to make changes to your web page or campus map. Please fill out a helpdesk ticket. Our recommendation is to update your web page before posting to the submissions above.  

Mass Email: Faculty and staff can be reached through mass email to the Campus Announcements listserv. Students are reached through the portal. Please double check your submission for accuracy.

News: This is the section on the Mt. SAC home page that highlights an item of interest. Requests can be made through Marketing at the email above.