Math 110 SLO and CMO


  1. Students will be able to determine descriptive statistics from a sample.
  2. Students will be able to use sample statistics to develop a confidence interval for population parameters.
  3. Using sample statistics from one or more samples, students will be able to test a claim made about a population parameter.
  4. Using bivariate data, students will be able to determine whether a significant linear correlation exists between two variables and determine the equation of the regression line.


  1. Define basic statistical terms and notation. 
  2. Describe the proper methods in the collection, classification and presentation of quantitative data. 
  3. Explain the basic concepts of probability theory and calculate probabilities. 
  4. Select the appropriate statistical methods for any application covered. 
  5. Employ the principles of inferential statistics in the areas of estimation and hypothesis testing. 
  6. Utilize statistical techniques with a variety of applications that pertain to business, the social, natural and physical sciences.
  7. Utilize computer technology to aide in the solution of statistical analyses.