Math 50 SLO and CMO


  1. Math 50 students will be able to simplify expressions.
  2. Math 50 students will be able to solve a linear equation.
  3. When performing a problem, Math 50 students will present a logical, step-by-step argument, leading to a correct conclusion.


  1. Demonstrate mastery of relevant vocabulary and notation. 
  2. Use the order of operations to simplify any arithmetic problem involving whole numbers, integers and rational numbers in both fraction and decimal form. 
  3. Simplify algebraic expressions with any rational number coefficient (includes the ability to evaluate algebraic expressions and formulas involving any rational number.) 
  4. Determine factors and divisibility of any integer, identify prime numbers and determine the least common multiple of any combination of whole numbers. 
  5. Solve any linear equation with rational coefficients and apply this ability in solving word problems. 
  6. Evaluate ratios and percents, convert between percent and rational numbers and solve equations and applications involving proportions and percents. 
  7. Find perimeter and area of geometric figures. 
  8. Simplify and approximate square roots and use them in application of the Pythagorean Theorem. 
  9. Plot points and graph equations in two variables.