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Key Dates

    • register iconRegistration Begins: Nov. 1, 2023
      Registration is when students can sign up for classes. Look for your registration appointment in the portal. These are usually emailed to students one week before registration begins. 
    • class iconClasses Begin: Jan. 8, 2024

      There are thousands of classes to choose from. Most classes begin during this week. Some classes are called late-start classes and begin in the middle of the term.

    • test iconFinals Week: See Detailed Finals Schedule

      Finals are held at varying times.  See Detailed Finals Schedule to see when finals are scheduled for classes. Professors announce the finals time for each class.

    • icon payLast day to pay fees: TBA

      This is the final day for students to pay their fees or their classes might get dropped. Pay your fees by logging into portal and choosing the student tab. 

    • icon addLast day to add a class: TBA

      Students can add classes online before the class begins. They can also attend the first day of class. If there is room in the class, students can ask the professor for an add code.  

      There are also late-start classes that begin in the middle of the semester. Those classes can be added through the first date of the class. 

    • icon diplomaLast day to petition for Winter graduation: TBA

      Fill out the Application for Graduation through the Admissions and Records Office. The Commencement ceremony is held each year at the end of the Spring semester. learn more at

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